What are the factors that affect law enforcement in a country? How can you improve it?

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Law enforcement is critical to maintaining peace and harmony in a country. The agency that makes sure that the law and rules declared by the highest authorities of a country are well obeyed is spread to each and every corner of the country and all the levels. You might think of it something strict that you have both put up with, but when you get trapped in, threes law jeep your interest and faith in the system. There is a prison directory that keeps records of the people who don’t abide by the laws and get imprisoned or punished.

To make sure that the citizens are following all the rules and regulations correctly, the laws need to be such way that they know it is for their benefit and thus they support it, not because they have to, but because they like to.

  • Let the community involvement in the procedure of law-making: this is not done as such. The people are given the power to choose their representative who raises their voice in the parliament and delivers what they want to the authorities.
  • The law enforcement agency needs to respect all the cultures and respect the background difference among the community: you won’t find a single type of ordinary it in any place. There is diversity in every area which needs to be taken care of so that the people can bloom.
  • Lastly, the authorities need to be communicative: by the term communicative, I mean they need both to speak when necessary and listen when anyone raises a query to a problem.

These were the ways that keep up the interest of the people in the rules & regulation made by the law and the constitutions.

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