Various tips you should consider while applying for ESTA to travel the United States

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ESTA is the program that provides you to visa the United States for any purposes such as business meeting, vacations with your friends & family, or for attending any event. It is one of the best programs that have a massive demand among the people of the entire the United Kingdom. To apply the ESTA online portal designed for you, which completely avoids the use of paper for the complete documentation. You have to provide them a valid passport and should have the credit card, and you can easily apply for this program.

Specific steps you should follow to apply for ESTA

  1. You must have the working credit for submitting the fees for the application. Moreover, you can also use Debit card for the payment but be sure that it has sufficient funds as if your payment gets decline you cannot apply again at that time. At that time, you have to visit the US embassy in your country to apply for a visa.
  • If you are using the credit cards, make sure that you have the MasterCard, Discover or American Express, as they do not accept other cards.
  • The other main thing is that you should provide them the email address which is regularly accessible by you because you will get all the updates regarding your application on that email address. In addition, the phone number mentioned by you in the form should be correct so they can give you important updates before the journey.
  • You have to spend your 15-20 minutes filling out the application on the website, and the officials will try to contact you within the 72 hours of applications.
  • Once your application is accessed and approved by the officers, you have to pay some additional charges for the processing of your application.

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