Advantages and disadvantages of 6×9 speakers in the car

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When we think about the car audio and car speaker, we start thinking about the different speakers available in the market. There are so many options in the market open for the excellent speakers in the car. Customizing the sound in the car always wants some searches before deciding the best system of our car. Generally, 6×9 speakers consider as the best speaker for the great music in the car. It has some merits and demerits also, which we should know before buying the so-called best 6×8 speakers from the sources.

Advantages of 6×9 speakers

The leading position of having this speaker in the car is its sound quality because these speakers come in three-way and 4-way option in the market. In the three-way option which is considered as the best budget speaker for the car provides good quality along with explosive bass and clear treble for the excellent sound experience in the car. Many recommend to buying the 6×9 design 3-way speaker systems in the central unit. Others are also good, but the design of 6×9 speaker with three-way coaxial speakers is considered as the best 6×9 speakers design for the car sound system.


With some advantages, there also come some drawbacks also and same it goes for the speaker with the 6×9 design. The primary and most significant problems of the speaker are its oval shape. The speaker with a round cone is more rigid than the oval-shaped speakers.  With the configuration of an oval sound speaker, you have to face some sound distraction. The sound distorts easily with a shake in the car, and eventually, it disturbs the overall quality of the music. However, the 3-way speaker with 6×9 designs is the best one to buy from the market.

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