Is stump removal mandatory or grinding a stump a better technique?

Stump removal concerns with cutting down the root system and extracting the bulk of roots and stumps and pulling them away with a crane. Stump removal is difficult for big and ancient trees, due to their hard root system that is too hard to take out. It is necessary to clear the space for growing other trees. As it is not planned activity, it is to be adopted when any old tree is fallen off its place.

Why remove stumps?

  • Stumps are Eyesores as no one likes old stumps in their landscapes as unwanted plants and other weeds start growing on them, which happens in a short time.
  • They cover the value able space as people love their park area to be wide and clear, but stumps get in the way.
  • Some stumps are hazardous as harmful weeds, and other plants camouflage them as nothing it is worse to the stub on an old tree stump.

What are the different methods to remove a stump?

  • Grinding

If stump cannot be removing manually, the grinder can be used to grind a stump, but it is the critical piece of equipment which is to be used wearing protective gear.

  • Chemically

It is another method to remove a stump in which a drill, potassium nitrate and fuel oil are required. It is economical as compared to grinding.

  • Burning

If the whole tree is chopped and all the pieces are cleaned except the stump, it can be removed by burning the stump.

  • Rotting

It is one of the most natural methods in which rotting of the stump is done by using potassium nitrate and then filling in the hole after completing the rotting. Other natural sources like blood metal or fresh manure etc

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