Reading Kindle or Audible? Here’s why it is great

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Reading books are not every individual’s cup of tea. But what if you love reading and do not get ample time to do so; owing to your busy schedules? This is where you can look up for Audible or Kindle style of reading your favorite books.

The audible offers a monthly book credit depending on the kind of membership you have chosen while subscribing. The devices that you could run your kindle books and audible services on are PC, mobile, kindle device Alexa enabled devices. The best part of subscribing to audible is to get availability across the globe whereas kindle is available to select countries. The purchased titles can be kept by the reader if you happen cancel your subscription in either service.

Cancelation of Subscription

If you ever have to cancel your subscriptions either for kindle or audible, you can do it easily. These subscriptions allow the user to do so whenever they want to. You will definitely not lose on the highlights, bookmarks or the notes that you would have made during the course of reading the books that you availed from the service. You may not be able to hold on to the audio books in kindle service, but the other titles can be that you would have paid for can be retained. In the audible service all the audio titles can be retained even after you end the service. You must know that you would have bought them from your credit, but the unused credit will be lost if you choose to end the services. The differences and benefits of each can help you decide which would be the better pick for you .


The geographical availability is a bit of hindrance for the kindle service, as for the audible services can reach out to most countries in the world. Though the licensing restrictions can make some of the titles restricted to the United States only be allowed access. Click here to know more.

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