The Sandy Hook School – a temple or an evil entity!!!

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Earlier, the schools treated as a worship place. It had believed, schools are the second home of the student. The teachers of the school considered as student idol. There were peace and harmony in the school. The students were well mannered and well behaved. The students of the school were good at studies, and they know how to respect their parents and teachers.

Nowadays, there is a lot of destruction that is happening in schools. The Sandy Hook School is not a safe place for the students. In the school, there was the killing of innocent children and the teacher by gun firing. In that case, twenty students had killed by a gunman. There are many difficulties for the students at school like ragging by seniors, ridiculous punishment by the teachers to the student, dying of a student by gun, etc.

Some of the things which are converting the temples into an evil entity

The following are some points putting light on the evil deeds of the school are-

Ragging by the seniors in the Sandy Hook School 

One critical practice which is leading decline of the school principles is raging of the fresh students by the senior students. The new student in the sandy hook school has beaten up by the older students in the school. The raging from the school should abolish. If any student does ragging, then they should be punished. 

 Brutal punishment by the teachers in the Sandy Hook School

The teachers are giving ruthless punishment to the student for non-completion of the work done at home. The students are beaten up by the teachers very severely. In some cases, it has lead to the death of the student. These practices of the teachers should stop.

Gun shooting in the Sandy Hook School

The students are not even safe in the school. The Alam, named boy, had killed twenty student and six teachers by gun firing in the school premises. The management had failed to control the incident.

These are some points which are converting school from temple to evil entity. Know more here :

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