A Complete Overview Of The Stadium Red Group

Stadium red group is a communications and marketing company that has five offices around Europe and the US. The main purpose of the organization is to build intelligent branding for transforming other businesses. When the company started, it only provides solutions for the music industry. But, now they are giving their services in various sectors.

Not only they come with exceptional customer solutions as the teams also help to provide brand planning, large scale strategies, and many more. In recent years, the organization has managed to acquire Gyrocity projects and MagicBullet Media. If you are looking to get the entire information about the group, read more here in this article.

  • Comes with a powerful impact

The best part of the stadium red is that they have more than a hundred million people working. Each one possesses at least 14 years of experience. It is has managed to work with many clients around the world. Some brands come in the list of their portfolio like ESPN, BMW, TEDxNashville, Nike, and so on.

  • Acquired some highly skilled agencies

Stadium red has managed to get some working groups for building their talent pool. These agencies are Gyrocity projects and MagicBullet Media. The first one has a specialization in digital marketing and has done remarkable projects in the field of music and entertainment.

On the other hand, MagicBullet Media is a leading platform for providing storytelling and content solutions. It has worked with potential clients like EA Sports, Nike, UNICEF, Fast Company, and many more. There are many agencies that are being added to the company in the upcoming years.

To sum up, all these are some aspects that are related to the stadium red group. They are providing solutions to the world’s communications and marketing problems.

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