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Thailand is a nation which is primarily dependent on tourism and foreign export. Over time this country has made itself a premier holiday destination for budget-conscious travelers. Pristine, amazing beaches, an intriguing local culture, centuries of tradition, and bustling crowded cities have all led to Thailand’s allure.

The effects of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and resultant tsunami were devastating and catastrophic for the Kingdom of Thailand, regarding the sheer loss in human life, and the economic hit to tourism. Nearly a quarter of any million people (current figures estimate 230,000) across eleven countries lost their lives in the wake of this natural mega-disaster. Let us take a moment and check out and comprehend that number: 230,000 people. For most inside the Western world, this was just a news blip, something that faded from memory after a month roughly. Yet a particular ship that sank in 1912 after hitting an iceberg caused the deaths of 1517 people, which particular disaster is exponentially more memorable in the minds of most American teenagers. This is a sad, but true fact of life.

Thailand was one of the countries hit, and it also did actually receive some media attention, due no doubt to the thriving tourist trade. We hear a lot less about Sri Lanka along with other hard-hit nations. The media attention was also no doubt due to the variety of foreigners who died inside the storm, from young backpackers to famous celebrities on luxury beach resorts. Estimates put the death toll in Thailand at over 8000 people. The grandson from the King of Thailand was among those killed through the quake. The massive burst and launch of energy was enough to slightly change the earth’s rotation. Estimates place the strength of the quake to get 550 million times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic blast. This is not a small oceanic disturbance, but an immensely powerful collision.

The Thai Economic News was that in the aftermath, Thailand’s economy rebounded quicker than was initially predicted. Foreign governments pledged help in the rebuilding, and tourists have started coming back again in recent years. Celebrities like Brad and Angelina have promoted Thailand through supermarket tabloids everywhere, making the country a household name even in the center of Middle America. Nevertheless the bad news also keeps rolling; Thailand has recently had to handle serious political instability. This instability was enough to seal the airport from late November to early December 2008. Additionally, inside the face of the global economic crisis of history few years it really is worth noting that tourism is one in the first industries affected. Vacations and tour bookings have been way down in recent years.

It is far from all doom and gloom however; Thailand has become growing by leaps and bounds throughout 2009. Foreign tourists regained their confidence in the country quickly, plus some months after the airport was re-opened foreigners were flowing through it at a lot better than previously recorded numbers. Although tour operators worldwide had experienced massive hits in 2008, they may have reported a steady boost in tour bookings in 2009. Is it an indicator that the recession is starting to obtain better? Thailand are only able to hope so. They may be hopeful in understanding that the amount of tours in Thailand, as evidenced from this list, continues to grow at a rapid pace. If xsdniu were no market, there would not so many offerings.

This nation, marred by numerous tragedies in recent years, is nonetheless continuing its struggle, and it appears in the meantime to become succeeding yet again. Inspite of the myriad problems, the country’s citizens have vowed making it safer, more predictable, and a lot more hospitable to Western travelers. Up to now at least, it would appear that the indefatigable spirit from the Thai people has overcome some of the worst that Mother Nature could throw their way. We can only hope that this kind of tragedy will not happen again, and that the tsunami early warning system that arose within the wake with this disaster will curb this kind of horrific lack of human life.

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